Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Felix Fritzell, and I'm am a junior character artist currently working at Arrowhead GS based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Coming from a background of traditional art and having a lifelong passion for games, working as a character artist


During my years I've gained a lot of valuable experience such as how to perform under stress, deliver milestones on time and most importantly a great understanding of teamwork and how to work close and efficient within a group.


I'm really exited to finally start working within the games industry and be part of the creative process. During my time at Futuregames I've participated in several game projects. These projects have not only taught me the value of good teamwork but also to deliver during set time frames and the process of making a game from scratch to finished product.


Futuregames Academy, Stockholm 2013 - Present


Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Stockholm 2011 - 2012


Upper Secondary School (Haraldsbogymnasiet), Falun 2007 - 2010


Swedish: Native


English: Spoken and written

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